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Abscess & Cysts Bolingbrook, IL

When a lump appears under the skin, it can be a concern. While most lumps and bumps under the skin are benign, there are some that can be more serious. Abscess and cyst formations are among the most common types of lumps to form under the skin. At Rapid Healthcare, we can diagnose lumps and bumps and provide treatments for abscesses and cysts at our walk-in clinic in Bolingbrook, IL.

An abscess is a skin bump that forms due to the collection of pus within the tissues as a response to an infection. This may appear in different parts of the body, and most of them are harmless. Some places of the body where an abscess may appear include the armpit, anus, groin, tooth or the base of the spine. Abscesses often can be red, warm and tender to the touch. Patients may also have a fever, nausea and other symptoms due to the infection causing the abscess.

Cysts are somewhat similar to an abscess, but these sacs are filled with pus, fluid or other substances. A cyst may slowly grow in different parts of the body and is often painless and harmless. Under the skin, most cysts are small and painless, but they can become irritating. Cysts that occur internally can cause pain and dysfunction.

Treatment for Abscesses and Cysts

Abscesses and cysts can be a real bother to the patient; therefore, our clinic provides excision as a procedure to remove both of these unwanted skin bumps. Through an incision and drainage procedure, the healthcare practitioner will create a small incision on the abscess, drain the pus and clean the wound. Some cysts or abscesses can be drained using a needle, while others may require incision.

With abscesses and cysts that are accompanied by infection, other treatment may be required. If there is an infection, antibiotics may be prescribed. There is minimal recovery needed for most abscess and cyst treatment.

If you have an uncomfortable abscess or cyst that you want removed, come see our medical team at Rapid Healthcare. We offer same day appointments at our walk-in clinic in Bolingbrook, IL, and most insurance plans are accepted, including Medicaid.

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