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Acne Treatment Bolingbrook, IL

Most teens and young adults experience acne on their skin, from a few pimples now and then to severe, chronic breakouts. Many factors contribute to acne, from oil, dirt and other substances on the skin to hormonal levels and genetics. If you have uncontrolled acne, treatment is available. Rapid Healthcare welcomes patients from around the Romeoville, Woodridge and Bolingbrook, IL, area for walk-in appointments for acne treatment.

Acne occurs when oil secretion increases, and hair follicles become clogged with oil or debris. It is a very common skin condition that mostly appears on the face, back and shoulders. Acne is usually brought by changing hormone levels, wearing makeup, irritation and some medications. The treatment for acne aims to eliminate these skin conditions, prevent reoccurrence and ensure that there are no scars or side effects; and our clinic delivers acne treatments that meet all these crucial goals.

Acne Therapy and Prevention

Acne treatment depends on the causes of breakouts and other factors. The therapy recommended depends on the severity of the acne skin infection, skin type and desired outcome. Our doctors at Rapid Healthcare can evaluate each patient to determine the best treatment plan to stop active acne breakouts and begin healing the skin. We also offer acne prevention options to reduce future breakouts. Treatments can include:

  • Acne surgery where an extraction procedure is applied that could prevent acne progression
  • Pimple injections can hasten the healing process of acne inflammation
  • Laser therapy can kill the bacteria causing the inflammation and decrease the size of oil glands
  • Our clinic also ensures that follow-up checkups will be scheduled as well as administers patient education to manage post-acne treatment procedures

Acne breakouts can affect your appearance and self-confidence. If not controlled quickly, you could be left with acne scarring that can be noticeable for years to come. Stop acne from damaging your skin with a visit to Rapid Healthcare. Contact our office to schedule an appointment – we offer same day or future appointments at our walk-in clinic in Bolingbrook, IL. Our clinic accepts most insurance plans to minimize your out-of-pocket costs for your medical care.

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