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Asthma Attacks Bolingbrook, IL

According to the CDC, an estimated 25 million people in the U.S. have asthma, with 10 million reporting asthma attacks in the last 12 months. Although asthma can usually be effectively managed with medication and treatment, it is a chronic condition and there is no cure. In 2019, 3,524 people died from asthma-related attacks. At Rapid Healthcare, we offer diagnosis and treatment plans for patients with asthma at our clinic in Bolingbrook, IL.

Asthma Attacks Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Asthma is a persistent lung condition that is characterized by breathlessness, coughing and episodic wheezing that is caused by inflammation in the airway and bronchial tubes. The exact cause of asthma is not known, but there are known triggers that can bring on asthma attacks. Some common triggers of asthma are allergens, respiratory infections, cold air, acid reflux and physical activities. As a chronic disease, asthma needs consistent monitoring and management. Medication is crucial in managing asthma and preventing other conditions that may trigger asthma – like hay fever.

With efficient asthma management, patients can enjoy a normal and active life with less complications. Our clinic provides patients with asthma options for managing their disease effectively through a collaborative action plan that is prepared by the patient and the doctor. This can include effective preventive medications that can minimize asthma attacks and inhalers for emergency relief. Our medical team believes that together, the patient and the physician can create an asthma management plan that is unique for the needs of the patient. Asthma management offered by the clinic also ensures that patients are educated about their conditions.

If you have asthma symptoms, it is vital to have a treatment and management plan in place to protect your health. Most people with asthma can improve their symptoms with medication, preventing frequent asthma attacks. To schedule an appointment, contact our clinic in Bolingbrook, IL. If you need to see a doctor today, stop by our walk-in clinic for a same day appointment. We welcome patients of all ages, and most insurance plans are accepted, including all PPOs and Medicaid.

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