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Vitamin B-12 Shots Bolingbrook, IL

One of the most common vitamin deficiencies that can occur is a lack of vitamin B-12. Also called cobalamin, B-12 is a water-soluble vitamin that plays many essential roles in the body. B-12 is not made in humans and can only be found in certain foods containing animal products. One way to prevent or treat deficiencies is with vitamin B-12 shots, which we offer at Rapid Healthcare in Bolingbrook, IL as part of our services.

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Vitamin B-12 is important for brain function and is used to produce red blood cells and DNA. It is important for the nerve cells that can impact many functions in the body. Since cobalamin is only found in animal products, vegetarians, vegans and those who eat little meat, dairy or other animal products are at higher risk for vitamin B-12 deficiencies. Symptoms of vitamin B-12 deficiency can include:

  • Cognitive difficulties, including memory and clarity
  • Fatigue
  • Physical changes – weight loss, pale skin
  • Loss of appetite
  • Numbness or tingling in hands and feet
  • Heart palpitations

Even those that eat animal products or take oral vitamin B-12 supplements may have a deficiency. Cobalamin requires a protein made in the stomach to be absorbed into the bloodstream. If this protein is low due to intestinal disease or other factors, any vitamin B-12 consumed in food or oral supplements may not be absorbed into the blood.

Why Do You Need a B-12 Injection?

Vitamin B-12 injections are one of the most effective ways to maintain the needed levels of B-12 in the body. Vitamin B-12 shots are injected directly into a muscle to provide immediate delivery to the bloodstream. Individuals that do not eat animal products or do not absorb vitamin B-12 correctly can use B-12 shots to maintain the needed levels for health in their body. There are also some health conditions that are linked to low levels of B-12 – your doctor may recommend supplementing your vitamin B-12 as a treatment or preventive measure.

Vitamin B-12 shots are only available by prescription. At Rapid Healthcare, we offer vitamin B-12 injections for those that are deficient or have other health concerns related to cobalamin. To schedule an appointment for a vitamin B-12 consultation or treatment, contact our office in Bolingbrook, IL, near Romeoville.

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