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Birth Control Bolingbrook, IL

For women who are sexually active, birth control can effectively prevent an unwanted pregnancy. There are many different options available for preventing pregnancy, from oral contraceptives to implants and IUDs. Finding the right birth control can give you peace of mind so you can decide when the right time is to consider becoming a parent. At Rapid Healthcare, we offer birth control consultations and prescriptions at our walk-in clinic in Bolingbrook, IL.

Best Type of Birth Control

Every woman has different needs and concerns when it comes to choosing a form of birth control. When determining what is the best birth control for each woman, there are several factors that must be considered. Our medical staff offers advanced women’s health care services and can recommend birth control options based on each women’s unique needs. Some factors include their health, age, pregnancy plans and lifestyle. There are options that are more effective, while others may be safer for the individual.

Types of Birth Control

While in the past there were limited birth control options, there are many different methods that can be used today. Our women’s health medical team can discuss the pros and cons of many different options in birth control. Some of the types that are used by women today include:

  • Short-acting hormonal methods- oral contraceptives, patches, shots or vaginal rings
  • Long-acting reversible contraceptives – implants or intrauterine devices (IUDs)
  • Sterilization
  • Barrier methods – diaphragms, sponges, condoms or cervical caps
  • Rhythm methods – not having sex during the days you are fertile

Our medical team can discuss which methods are most effective for each patient’s lifestyle and needs. For example, those who have difficulty remembering to take a pill every day may not want to use a daily oral birth control pill. They may be better suited to a shot or implant that can offer longer protection. It is important to consider whether the patient will want children in the future and if so, how soon. For those who are sexually active with more than one partner, discussing protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is also important when determining the best birth control method.

If you are interested in learning more about your birth control options, contact us at Rapid Healthcare. We offer same day appointments for birth control consultations at our walk-in clinic in Bolingbrook, IL.

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