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COPD and Anxiety Bolingbrook, IL
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If you live with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), you understand the value of a good breath of air. COPD is a non-curable, long-term lung disease that impacts your ability to breathe easily. It makes sense that this chronic pulmonary condition is also commonly associated with anxiety, as we know the panic that arises physically and psychological when we cannot get enough air. While it is the third leading cause of disease-related death in the United States, COPD is also preventable and treatable with a physician’s help.

A Closer Look at COPD

COPD is marked by inflammation and thickening in the airways of the lungs. These important lung tissues where oxygen is exchanged often become damaged and even destroyed, which can significantly reduce air flow into the lungs. Without enough oxygen exchange, COPD patients have less oxygen that reaches their body tissues, and it becomes harder to get rid of carbon dioxide. As the COPD progresses, shortness of breath makes it hard to stay active and complete day-to-day tasks. Unfortunately, the disease can also have other implications on one’s quality of life and emotional well-being, such as anxiety.

Why Anxiety is Common in COPD Patients

If you’ve ever struggled to breathe, you know the feeling of panic and stress that sets in quickly. Our bodies need oxygen. Not only can our mind take us further into fear or nervousness when air is restricted, but our bodies are designed to physically respond as well. In someone with COPD, these episodes can occur multiple times a day, which makes anxiety a common issue associated with this disease. To further complicate things, when anxiety is high, it can also make COPD worse, as anxiety often brings up physical symptoms within the heart and breathing rate.

At Rapid Healthcare, we are proud to offer diagnosis and treatment for COPD. We also value the importance of Identifying, understanding and managing anxiety for those living with this chronic breathing condition. Knowing that your COPD is being professionally managed and monitored can often alleviate much of the associated anxiety for patients who suffer. Call our Bolingbrook clinic today for an appointment. We are here for you when you need us most – which means you’ll never be far from expert care when you are struggling to breathe.

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