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When Your Headaches Become Chronic Bolingbrook, IL
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“I can’t; I have a headache.” Do you find yourself saying this often? Many Americans suffer from chronic headaches, and a surprising number are missing out on life because they are not treated properly or not treated at all. At Rapid Healthcare, we understand how debilitative chronic headaches and migraines can be. Instead of daily popping pills with minimal or temporary relief, we invite you to consider our headache treatments at our Boston medical clinic.

It May Not Be What You Think

Headaches can have a vast range of causes, and your trigger may not be what you think. In fact, Better Health gives this expansive list of headache culprits, which is anything that stimulates pain receptors in your head or neck:

  • stress
  • muscular tension
  • dental or jaw problems
  • infections
  • diet
  • eye problems
  • hormonal influences
  • medications
  • disorders of the ear, nose or throat
  • disorders of the nervous system
  • injury to the head, neck or spine
  • high blood pressure
  • poor posture
  • hangover from abuse of alcohol or drugs
  • extreme temperature
  • dehydration
  • loud noise
  • temporal arteritis
  • arthritis
  • meningitis

The Importance of a Customized Approach

Just like many other medical conditions, your treatment for headaches should never be handled with a one-size fits all approach. You should also never settle for a “Band-Aid” treatment for your head pain, especially when the discomfort is chronic. At Rapid Healthcare, we consider the many possible causes of your daily headaches before determining the best plan of long-term relief. There are headache treatments that are safe and effective, including medications as well as more natural alternative therapies to manage pain. We recognize the benefits to offering a diverse set of options when it comes to headache and migraine treatment.

Alternative Treatment for Headaches

Not everyone is willing or able to tolerate medication therapy for headaches. If you are looking for treatment for headaches that doesn’t involve medication or invasive therapy, we can help. We proudly serve Boston with natural therapies such as acupuncture for migraine relief. If you are canceling plans or missing work due to daily headaches, call Rapid Healthcare today for a comprehensive and individualized approach to relief.

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