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Cardiovascular Health Bolingbrook, IL

Heart or cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates the 659,000 people die each year from cardiovascular disease. All genders and ethnic groups are affected, with coronary heart disease being the deadliest form of cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular health should be a priority for everyone to enjoy a long and healthy life. At Rapid Healthcare in Bolingbrook, IL, we offer primary care for our patients focusing on improving cardiovascular health and managing heart disease.

Cardiovascular disease influences the heart or blood vessels and could result in chronic conditions and death. Taking care of the heart is crucial for everyone, especially for patients with cardiovascular disease or at risk of developing one. Our medical clinic has developed effective approaches, programs and initiatives for people who are proactive in keeping their heart as healthy as possible. With a focus on the unique needs of people of different ages and risks of cardiovascular disease, the clinic ensures that diagnosis, treatment and management plans are according to the identified needs of the individual.

Preventive Heart Health Care

As a primary care setting, the clinic may offer various services that assess and reduce risks in developing heart diseases. Preventive heart health care, especially for those at higher risk of cardiovascular disease, can improve overall wellness. Our medical team focuses on providing heart health care for all our primary care patients. Our cardiovascular health services include:

  • Physical activity counseling
  • Nutrition education
  • Exercise and lifestyle training
  • Weight-loss plans and goals
  • Preventive medications
  • Counseling and treatment for smoking cessation
  • Other behavioral and lifestyle changes
  • Stress management and referral for other treatments needed
  • Assessments for comorbidities of the disease such as depression, joint pain and diabetes

Cardiovascular health is important for everyone of all ages. Those with a family history of heart disease or risk factors such as obesity, smoking or a sedentary lifestyle can improve their heart health with medical care. Rapid Healthcare offers heart health management and treatments at our walk-in clinic in Bolingbrook, IL. Contact us for an appointment to assess your cardiovascular health today.

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