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Chronic & Preventive Care Bolingbrook, IL

Chronic health conditions are ongoing medical concerns that may require life-long medications or therapy. Whether it is a condition that you were born with or an acquired chronic health problem, it is important to have a medical team that can help you manage your health. At Rapid Healthcare, we offer primary care for our patients with the convenience of a walk-in clinic, providing chronic and preventive care at our facility in Bolingbrook, IL.

Many chronic conditions require various medications and testing to maintain the highest level of wellness for the patient. Medications may need frequent changes to achieve the desired results. Whether you have a cardiovascular condition, like hypertension or high cholesterol, or a respiratory concern like asthma or COPD, it is vital to have a medical team that is monitoring your condition. At Rapid Healthcare, we want to help our patients stay on top of their health with preventive care visits to manage chronic conditions.

Telehealth Services for Chronic Conditions

Patients with chronic conditions often require multiple medical visits every year. Chronic condition patients have treatment plans that must be monitored closely and frequently adjusted depending on their current condition. To better serve these patients, our clinic offers telehealth services for follow-up appointments, medication adjustments, monitoring of treatment plan, reviewing of results and management of the patient’s treatment plan. Rapid Healthcare offers telehealth management of chronic conditions such as diabetes, obesity, COPD, hypertension, asthma, heart disease and others.

Our medical center is intent on keeping our patients and the communities they live in as healthy as possible. With our desire to maintain the community’s health, Rapid Healthcare also provides high-quality, comprehensive and accessible preventive care from health screenings, blood sugar testing, vaccination reminders, check-up reminders and other programs or initiatives. The use of telehealth in both chronic and preventive care allows our medical team to reach more individuals wherever they are safely and effectively.

If you have a chronic condition, do not wait for problems to arise to see your medical team. Come see us at Rapid Healthcare for chronic and preventive care at our facility in Bolingbrook, IL, or call us to schedule a telehealth appointment.

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