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COVID-19 Tests Bolingbrook, IL

The novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is responsible for creating the COVID-19 pandemic. There is continual new information on COVID-19, the disease caused by this specific virus. One of the important ways the disease is treated and managed is through testing. As part of our services at Rapid Healthcare in Bolingbrook, IL, we offer COVID-19 tests, including Rapid PCR tests that can give you results in less than one hour.

Our clinic is intent on helping people and communities fight the risk posed by the COVID-19 virus wherever they are. It provides the highest quality of services in the fight against the COVID-19 by providing both vaccines and testing options. As a health hub offering a safe venue where people can seek COVID care services, the clinic offers COVID testing for organizations on their site, rapid COVID-19 antigen testing wherever the individual is, COVID vaccine services delivered to the location of the individual, COVID PCR testing at the individual’s location, flu shots administered in the location of the person, and telemedical COVID consultations especially when it comes to confirming symptoms.

When to Get Tested

There are circumstances where you may need to provide COVID-19 test results. Some travel plans may require a negative test result within 24 hours before beginning your journey. There may also be times when test results are requested for the workplace or before a medical procedure. If you have been exposed to someone with the virus, you may choose to get tested to determine whether you have the virus, which can prevent the spread of the disease. You should also get tested if you have any symptoms of COVID-19.



Test Results in 15 Minutes!

When you need fast, reliable COVID-19 test results, you can come see us at Rapid Healthcare. We offer multiple types of testing options for our patients, including rapid, molecular ID NOW COVID-19 testing. This new technology allows us to test patients for novel coronavirus at a molecular level and receive results back in about 13-15 minutes. When you need fast and effective COVID testing in the Romeoville and Woodridge, IL area, come see us at our clinic in Bolingbrook.

If you need a COVID-19 test in the Romeoville, Woodridge or Bolingbrook, IL area, come see us at Rapid Healthcare. We offer same-day testing and results at our medical clinic on Remington Boulevard in Bolingbrook.

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