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Flu Shots Bolingbrook, IL

The flu can be a miserable experience and can be deadly for some people. While most people do recover from a bout with the flu, if it can be avoided, you can reduce your risk of serious complications. Influenza does not have a cure, but there are vaccinations that can minimize your chance of getting the flu or severe complications. At Rapid Healthcare, we offer flu shots for our patients at our walk-in clinic in Bolingbrook, IL.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that almost everyone who is six months or older receive the influenza vaccination every year. This is extremely important for individuals who are at higher risk of complications from the flu that can result in severe illness. Those with chronic conditions like COPD, diabetes and cardiovascular disease should receive a flu vaccination to protect their health. Not only can the flu shot reduce your chance of getting the flu, but it has been shown to reduce the severity of symptoms, hospitalizations, heart/lung complications and death.

Seasonal Influenza Vaccinations

Flu shots are safe for most people and have few side effects. The injection only takes a few minutes to perform, and most people can return to normal activities after their shot. The most common side effects from the flu vaccination are soreness or swelling at the injection site, and some people experience headaches, low fever, muscle aches and fatigue for up to a few days. Allergic reactions to flu shots are very rare.

Flu season begins in the fall and can last through until the spring. Most people benefit from a flu shot in September or October before the season is in full force. At Rapid Healthcare, we can perform same day flu shots for our patients from Romeoville and Woodridge at our walk-in clinic in Bolingbrook.

If you have not had your flu shot this year, come see our medical team at Rapid Healthcare. We offer walk-in appointments for influenza vaccinations at our medical clinic in Bolingbrook, Illinois. Most health insurance plans are accepted at our facility, including Medicaid and all PPO plans.

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