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Flu & Strep Tests Bolingbrook, IL

The flu and strep throat are common yet highly contagious diseases that can cause a sore or scratchy throat. However, they are very different illnesses and require different treatments. Flu, or influenza, is caused by a virus, while strep throat is a bacterial infection. If you suspect you have one of these illnesses, you may need a test to determine which sickness is causing your symptoms. At Rapid Healthcare, we offer flu and strep tests and treatments at our walk-in clinic in Bolingbrook, IL.

Both flu and strep throat can cause a sore throat, chills, body aches and fever, but there is a significant difference between the two. Flu generally affects the nose and lungs, while strep infections are in the throat and tonsils. While doctors can often determine whether you have the flu on symptoms alone, a test can confirm what type of flu you have and what treatment can shorten your illness. The only way to confirm the bacterial infection is present for strep throat is with a rapid or throat culture test.



Rapid Flu and Strep Tests

The quickest way to determine which illness you have is to come to Rapid Healthcare for a rapid flu or strep test. We can perform a quick swab of your mouth or throat for a rapid flu test and receive the results in about 15 minutes. Rapid strep tests require a sample from your throat or tonsils, and results also should be available in about 15 minutes. Our rapid flu and strep test options include:

  • ID NOW™ Influenza A & B 2. We offer rapid flu tests with the ID NOW™ Influenza A & B 2 platform. This testing device offers quicker molecular testing for the flu that is more accurate than other rapid test options – results can be received in as little as 13 minutes.
  • ID NOW™ Strep A 2. If you need a quick strep test, we offer the ID NOW™ Strep A 2 platform for fast results. This device allows us to give you strep test results quicker than other molecular testing methods, and it gives more accurate results than most rapid tests. Results are available in about 15 minutes.

While rapid strep tests are very reliable, there may be some circumstances where a throat culture through lab testing will be recommended. If a rapid strep test is negative, but there are symptoms of strep throat, our primary care professionals may recommend a lab test to confirm the negative result. This can take a day or two to receive the results.

Flu treatments can be used in the early stages of flu to shorten the illness time and reduce serious symptoms. Strep throat requires antibiotics, which can reduce the term and severity of the illness and reduce contagion.

When you have flu or strep throat symptoms, come see us the same day at Rapid Healthcare. Our walk-in clinic can provide quick flu and strep tests, as well as treatment, at our facility in Bolingbrook, IL. We accept all PPO plans, Medicaid and many other insurance options.

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