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Joint Pain Bolingbrook, IL

There are 360 joints in the human body and every one of them can be subject to disease or injury that causes pain. Joints are where two bones come together, usually with ligaments holding the bones together with cartilage cushioning between the bones. There are many different conditions that can result in joint pain, which can impact mobility and quality of life. If you are experiencing joint pain, our medical team at Rapid Healthcare can offer treatment for relief at our clinic in Bolingbrook, IL.

Causes of Joint Pain

Knees, elbows, shoulders, hips, wrists, ankles and other major joints are common areas of pain. The role of the joint is to allow bone movement, but movement can contribute to the many causes of joint pain. Wear, tear, injury and disease can all impact joints, especially weight-bearing joints like the ankles, knees and hips. Some of the common causes of joint pain include:

  • Sprains – torn or damaged ligaments
  • Arthritis – there are over 100 types of arthritis or inflammation of the joints
  • Strains – torn or damaged muscles or tendons
  • Fractures
  • Cysts or bursitis
  • Bone disease or cancer

Joint pain without injury can be caused by a wide variety of diseases and degenerative conditions. To obtain joint pain relief, diagnosis of the cause is a top priority to determine the best treatment option.

Joint Pain Relief

At Rapid Healthcare, our medical team can provide accurate diagnosis of your joint pain. Whether you twisted an ankle or have ongoing knee pain, we can determine the cause of your discomfort and recommend a treatment plan. Many joint injuries can be treated with conservative methods including compression, ice, rest and elevation. If you have an underlying condition like arthritis or other diseases causing joint pain, our physicians can discuss medications, physical therapy and lifestyle changes to manage your joint pain and condition.

If joint pain is limiting your mobility, come see our team at Rapid Healthcare. We offer primary care and treatment for joint pain in a convenient walk-in facility. Call, contact us online or stop by our clinic in Bolingbrook, IL, for a joint pain exam and treatment plan.

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