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Minor Burns Bolingbrook, IL

Chemicals, heat, steam, electricity and fire can all cause burn injuries to the skin and underlying tissue. Like any wound, burns are at risk of infection and require disinfection and protection from bacteria. If you have minor burns, medical care may be needed to clean and cover your wound. At Rapid Healthcare, we offer walk-in appointments for minor burns and wounds at our facility in Bolingbrook, IL.

Burns are evaluated in degrees. A first-degree burn is the most common and least severe. Most first-degree burns can be treated at home. These burns only affect the top layer of skin, usually resulting in reddened, painful areas. A second-degree burn is deeper in the skin, but still a minor burn. Second-degree burns may have blisters, red or white skin, a wet appearance and swelling. The most severe is a third-degree burn, which can damage not only the skin, but also the muscle, bone and tissue underneath.

Burn Treatment

If you have minor burns, treatment can be performed at our walk-in clinic. Burns may require specialized wound care to reduce the risk of infection and improve healing. Severe burns may need treatment at a burn center that has the expertise to care for damage skin and tissue. Our medical team can evaluate your burn and determine whether treatment can be performed at our facility or if you should be referred to a specialist.

If you sustain a burn, rinse the wound under cool water. If you press on the reddened skin and it turns white, it is like a first or second-degree burn. Cover the wound loosely with gauze or clean cloth and come to our walk-in clinic for treatment. We can provide minor burn treatment to disinfect the wound and stimulate healing to reduce infection risk and scarring.

Burn wounds can be painful and may require medical attention for proper healing. If you or a family member receive a burn, come see us at Rapid Healthcare. We offer same day appointments for minor burn treatment at our walk-in clinic in Bolingbrook, IL, near Woodridge and Romeoville. Medicaid and all PPO plans are accepted at our medical facility.

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