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Pre-Employment Physicals Bolingbrook, IL

Are you considering a new position that requires a physical as part of the employee screening process? Many employers require a work physical before a potential employee is hired for a position. Each employer and job position may have different physical requirements that must be checked by a licensed medical professional. At Rapid Healthcare, we can perform pre-employment physicals with same day appointments available at our walk-in clinic in Bolingbrook, IL.

Work physicals, also known as pre-employment physicals, are meant to ensure that employees who are eligible for the job are healthy while they fulfill their tasks. Various jobs are legally required to make sure that their employees have passed physical examinations to ensure workforce safety. Government organizations are strict when it comes to protecting both employers and employees as well as the public. Our clinic offers work physicals services that are in line with the standards of the Centers for Disease Control as well as the National Institute for Occupational Safety.

Work Physicals

Rapid Healthcare helps businesses comply with both state and national policies and regulations when it comes to work physicals. Our medical team provides different tests needed for employment such as pre-employment physicals, fit-for-duty physicals, other physical examinations, drug testing, alcohol analysis, vaccinations and others. Our clinic ensures that the high-quality results of these work physicals will be delivered to the organization in a timely manner and the needed documentation is provided.

In most cases, employers will offer a conditional job offer before they will request a work physical. The medical information needed depends on the position. For example, police officers or firefighters may need to complete a fitness test to prove they are capable of performing job duties. Stamina, endurance, strength, mental endurance and psychological factors may be included in the pre-employment physical.

If you need a work physical for a potential job position, contact us at Rapid Healthcare. We offer same day appointments for pre-employment physicals at our walk-in clinic in Bolingbrook, IL. Our facility is near Woodridge and Romeoville for your convenience, and we accept most forms of health insurance, including all PPO plans and Medicaid.

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