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Sprains & Strains Bolingbrook, IL

Soft tissue injuries to tendons, muscles or ligaments are very common. Sprains and strains can occur when soft tissue elements are stretched or torn, often in accidents or athletic events. If you have a sprained ankle or a lower back muscle strain, you may need medical attention for relief. At Rapid Healthcare, we can diagnose sprains and strains and perform medical treatment at our walk-in clinic in Bolingbrook, IL.

Strains Versus Sprains

Both sprains and strains can have similar symptoms. Both involve stretching or tearing tissues, often surrounding a joint like a knee or ankle. Twisting a knee or lifting heavy items can cause these soft tissue injuries, but they are different injuries.

Strains are injuries to muscles and tendons. Tendons connect muscles to bone, and both are found throughout the body. Pushing muscles and tendons too hard can result in partial or complete tears or strains. This can occur around joints – knee or shoulder strains are common. Strains are also common in the back from lifting, bending or twisting. Strains can be caused by repetitive actions, resulting in muscle or tendon damage.

Sprains involve the ligaments that stabilize and connect the bones in joints. Ankles, knees, wrists, shoulders and other joints can sustain a sprain. This usually occurs when the bones of the joint are pushed out of normal alignment, usually when a joint twists or bends beyond normal range of motion.

Symptoms of Strains and Sprains

Pain and swelling are the common symptoms of both sprains and strains – some patients may also experience bruising. Sprains occur at the joint, which can result in joint instability. Most mild to moderate strains and sprains can be treated with rest, ice and elevation. However, more severe sprains and strains may require compression, bracing, physical therapy and other treatments.

It is important to have any strain or sprain examined for diagnosis and treatment. In some cases, sprains or strains can be severe or accompanied by bone fractures. If you need same day diagnosis or treatment for strains or sprains, come see us at Rapid Healthcare. Contact us or stop by our clinic in Bolingbrook, IL, for sprain and strain injuries.

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