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Sexually Transmitted Infection/STD Tests Bolingbrook, IL

Many contagious diseases can be passed through close contact with another person. One category of contagious diseases are sexually-transmitted infections (STIs) or sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs). Early detection of these contagious diseases can help minimize the spread and improve treatment options. Rapid Healthcare offers testing and sexually-transmitted infection treatment at our walk-in clinic in Bolingbrook, IL.

Individuals can get sexually transmitted infections (STIs) through vaginal intercourse, anal sex and oral sex. Unprotected sex can cause the transmission of these infections and the most common symptoms are itching and burning around the genitals. Our clinic provides testing, screening, treatments, and education regarding STIs and STDs in a discrete and private environment.

STD Tests

Through blood tests, urine samples, and fluid samples, the clinic can test the cause and identify possible coinfections that the patient may have. Screening, or testing STIs among those without symptoms is also available for everyone, and the clinic encourages that anyone who may have had unprotected sex be screened for the disease for prevention and precautionary measures. Treatments that the clinic provide are antibiotics and antiviral drugs. Usually, most STIs can be treated with antibiotics while some HIV can be treated through antiviral drugs. Our clinic’s patient education regarding STIs include symptoms, management, suggestions for safe sex, preventive treatment and partner notifications.

There are many possible symptoms of STIs, but some may have no symptoms in the early stages. Anyone with itching, pain, sores or growths in their genital area should schedule an STI/STD exam and testing. Complications from STDs can be serious, including causing sterility, pregnancy/fetus risks and even death. Early diagnosis and treatment can reduce your risk of severe complications and passing on the disease to others.

If you have STI symptoms or are concerned you were exposed to a STD, schedule an appointment for an exam and STD testing. Rapid Healthcare offers same day appointments at our walk-in clinic near Woodridge and Romeoville in Bolingbrook, IL. Contact our clinic to schedule an appointment today for testing and sexually-transmitted infection treatment.

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