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Wellness Physicals Bolingbrook, IL

Preventive healthcare is one of the best investments in your family’s health you can make. Wellness physicals or annual exams are meant to monitor health and perform proactive testing. This essential exam can detect possible issues to begin treatment before it becomes a more serious health problem. At Rapid Healthcare, we offer wellness physicals for the whole family at our walk-in clinic in Bolingbrook, IL.

Diseases and health conditions are important to catch in the early stages. Many conditions can be reversed when they are detected early. Wellness physicals are often responsible for catching medical concerns before any symptoms are evident. This puts individuals in control of their health, offering more options to maintain wellness.

At Rapid Healthcare, we offer personalized primary healthcare for our patients, including annual checkups, with the convenience of a walk-in clinic. We can perform the physical exam, screening and testing needed to identify any health concerns that may need further investigation or evaluation. Our medical team is very experienced and utilizes advanced medical technology to perform thorough wellness physicals at our clinic near Woodridge and Romeoville.

Annual Physicals

During your wellness exam, our medical team will complete a checklist to obtain a snapshot of your overall health. We will collect your medical history, height, weight and vitals to document your current and past health. A physical exam is completed to check for any abnormalities such as swollen lymph nodes or hernias. You may also receive lab tests on blood or urine if there are health concerns.

Annual physicals can ensure that you are on the right health regimen. Our medical team will discuss any other preventive health screenings you may need, such as mammograms or colonoscopies. If there are any abnormalities, we can perform further tests or refer you to the proper specialist.

If it has been a year or more since you or anyone in your family has had a wellness physical, contact our team at Rapid Healthcare. We can schedule your annual health exam at our clinic in Bolingbrook, IL. Call for a same day appointment to your wellness exam.

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