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Could You Benefit from a B12 Shot? Bolingbrook, IL
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One of the most common vitamin deficiencies to occur is a lack of B12. Like all B vitamins, B12 is water soluble and is not effectively stored in the body. It must be replenished routinely but it is only found in animal byproducts, which many people restrict in their diets. B12 shots are an effective way to replenish B12 levels, both to avoid deficiency and to improve your overall health and wellness.

What Does B12 Do?

B12, or cobalamin, impacts many functions in the body down to the cellular level. You need B12 to create red blood cells and DNA, and it is vital for proper nerve and brain function. B12 is often linked to energy levels because when there is not enough B12, red blood cell production can be affected. Red blood cells are responsible for bringing oxygen to the cells. If you are low in B12, you may have anemia and feel the effects of low oxygen, such as fatigue and weakness.

Why Use a B12 Shot?

Those who eat a plant-based diet or a restricted calorie diet may not get enough B12. There are also some medications and health conditions that can affect the absorption of B12 in the digestive system. If you do not eat animal products like dairy, eggs, meat or fish, you will need to ensure you receive your B12 in another way. Oral supplements are available, but if you have a digestive disorder, they may not be well absorbed.

B12 shots and IV therapy with B12 bypass the digestive system and give you an instant boost of B12 to the bloodstream. Those who are feeling fatigued due to low B12 often feel a significant difference in their energy levels and cognitive clarity. Keeping B12 at optimum levels can help prevent anemia and may be beneficial for your heart, brain, vision and many other aspects of your overall health.

If you have been feeling sluggish and are concerned about a B12 deficiency, come see us at Rapid Healthcare in Bolingbrook, IL. We can provide vitamin deficiency testing and we offer B12 shots at our facility.

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